9-15 Haziran’da Budapeşte’de Oyunlarda Nefret Söylemi Konferansı

Yayınlandı: Nisan 19, 2013 kafaayari tarafından Yazılar içinde
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GameOver Hate is a conference to happen at the European Youth Center in Budapest from the 9th till 15th of June, 2013. It aims to discuss the phenomena of Hate-speech in online video games and to bring some answers to the questions:

  • What’s the general current state of online gaming communities?
  • Who are the targets on hate speech in online games?
  • What’s driving this behavior in gamers?
  • What’s the role of the gaming industry and the gaming community in it?
  • What shapes a gaming community?
  • How can we prevent and combat hate-speech in online video games?
  • How can we create and foster more inclusive, diverse and healthier online gaming communities?

We understand that games are a very specific online environment that needs specific conversations, debates and experts and we want to create a meaningful discussion around this topic. We don’t want to only focus on the problem itself and the reasons behind it, but also in trying to find solutions and good case practices around the industry, in different communities and various players experiences.

We want to reach game developers, community managers, video game journalists, online gaming clans and their communities and human rights activists. Games are a topic that reaches more and more people everyday and we feel this is a subject that needs a serious and honest debate.

As gamers, as individuals, as internet users and as activists we’re challenging the gaming community and the gaming industry to help us understand how games can remain fun, challenging and engaging without falling for the online traps of bigotry, hatred and ignorance.  Will you join us?

This project is funded by the Council of Europe and falls inside one of its current issues – Combating Online Hate-speech. The original idea behind this conference was to add the gaming spectrum to the current analysis of Online Hate-speech that the Council of Europe is currently promoting through different initiatives. The organizers of this event first met on the Training Course for Online Bloggers and Activists to Combat Online Hate-speech ran by the CoE.

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