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Üstünden biraz vakit geçmiş yayınlanalı ama bakmakta fayda var. (Dikkat çektiği için Mine Yıldırım’a teşekkür ederiz.)

tetrist from Melis Bilgin on Vimeo.

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GameOver Hate is a conference to happen at the European Youth Center in Budapest from the 9th till 15th of June, 2013. It aims to discuss the phenomena of Hate-speech in online video games and to bring some answers to the questions:

  • What’s the general current state of online gaming communities?
  • Who are the targets on hate speech in online games?
  • What’s driving this behavior in gamers?
  • What’s the role of the gaming industry and the gaming community in it?
  • What shapes a gaming community?
  • How can we prevent and combat hate-speech in online video games?
  • How can we create and foster more inclusive, diverse and healthier online gaming communities?

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University of Malta

Institute of Digital Games and the Department of English

International Conference Series in Games and Literary Theory

Inaugural Conference

 University of Malta, 31st October-1st November 2013


This inaugural event in the Digital Games and Literary Theory Conference Series follows on from a successful International Workshop held at the University of Malta last year. That event established the scope, appeal and timeliness of interdisciplinary research involving Game Studies and Literary Theory. While there are ample conference opportunities for discussion of the impact of Game Studies on other fields in the Humanities and on the amenability, in turn, of Game Studies to critique by those fields, events where the affinities with Literary Theory take centre stage are, by comparison, quite rare. This is surprising.

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