Digra 2013 için son bildiri gönderim tarihi 21 Ocak

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Georgia Tech’te yapılacak olan Digra 2013’ün teması, takvimi ve bildiri gönderim tarihi açıklandı.

The Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) announces the Call for Participation for DiGRA 2013, to be hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta Georgia. DiGRA 2013 will bring together a diverse international community of interdisciplinary researchers engaged in cutting edge research in the field of game studies.

This year’s proposed theme is a playful linguistic remix of the terms “frag” and “defrag.” Defragging is the computer term for reducing file fragmentation. Fragging, derived from the military term for killing a superior officer of one’s own unit, has become video game parlance for the temporary killing of another player.

In the early game studies community, a good deal of fragging (in all three senses) took place between various camps, schools of thought and disciplines. This included discussions as to whether or not game studies should split into more discipline-centered communities; however, the overall trend has been to continue to grow our field as an “interdiscipline” that includes humanities, social sciences and psychology, computer science, design studies, and fine arts.

Borrowing from the computer engineering term, the theme for DiGRA 2013 highlights this process of defragmenting, which both embraces and better articulates our diverse methods and perspectives while allowing the game studies research community to remain a coherent and unified whole.

DiGRA 2013 will take place immediately proceeding Dragon*Con, America’s largest multigenre fan convention. For more information, visit: http://www.dragoncon.org/

Submit abstracts through EasyChair:

Submissions on both digital and nondigital games are welcome Submissions will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will involve submission of an abstract of 500 words (plus references) reviewed via double-blind peer-review process carried about by a committee of scholars for each discipline. Accepted abstracts will then be asked to submit a final paper or proposal for review.

Proceedings will be delivered via USB stick to delegates on-site and will also be included in the DiGRA Digital Library. Selected papers may also be published in a special edition of the DiGRA Journal.

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